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April '14

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Welcome to Nextlink™

As one of the largest fixed wireless spectrum holders in the nation, Nextlink™ offers high-quality broadband wireless access services to communications carriers as well as businesses and government agencies. Committed to quality, we provide carrier-grade reliability, network scalability and support for seamless migration to IP.

Small- to Mid-sized Businesses: High-Speed Dedicated Internet Access Services

Nextlink combines its broadband wireless spectrum with XO™ Communications’ award-winning network backbone to deliver Ethernet speeds of 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps that will meet your data demands – today and into the future.

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Point-to-Point Microwave Made Easier

Nextlink now offers a better way to deploy your wireless microwave links. When you utilize our spectrum for your point-to-point microwave needs, you not only save money but you also save time.

For Communications Carriers

Nextlink cost-effectively delivers communications carriers the network reliability required to meet their own networking needs, as well as those of their customers.

Reseller Partner Program

Resellers have an unprecedented opportunity to use Nextlink partner programs to offer compelling and affordable data services, high-speed Internet access, private line and other managed network services products for their customers.